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My paper, co-authored by Martin Meyer, Maria Kliesch and Volker Dellwo from the University of Zurich just got accepted by the Journal of Neurolinguistics!

The full title is:  Word stress processing integrates phonological abstraction with lexical access – an ERP study
Importantly, it not only shows an EEG analysis of stress perception in Spanish, but also taps into the question of lexical storage, demonstrating that generative phonology predicts a more likely pattern of stress processing than exemplar theories. Purely frequency-based stress processing and storage of stress together with the word regardless of the stress pattern was disproved in this study. 

We showed that there is a default penult stress in Spanish and that it is processed differently than the exceptional antpenult stress in Spanish nouns. Incorrect stress deviating from the lexically specified antepenult causes a problem with lexical retrieval whereas a  deviation from the default penult shows no such effects.

The paper will be added to the website soon!!! Stay tuned :)
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