French Government Scholarship (August-September 2021) -- Nice (Université Côte d’Azur), project entitled: "Cross-linguistic differences in the perception of subphonemic features – an EEG study". My host is Tobias Scheer.

National Science Centre grant (Sonata 13), reg. no. 2017/26/D/HS2/00574 -- project entitled "Acoustic, perceptual and gestural correlates of (sub)phonemic distinctions: aperture in obstruents" to be implemented at the University of Warsaw in cooperation with Marzena Zygis from ZAS Berlin. Funding period: 2018-2020.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship
2017/2018 -- post-doc project funding, University of Zurich, disciplines: phonetics, phonology and neurolinguistics

Fundacja Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, grant no. 6, 2016 -- fieldwork in Gran Canaria (February 2017)