My conference presentations:

Interspeech 2023, Dublin (Ireland), 20-24 August 2023
Acoustic cues to stress perception in Spanish – a mismatch negativity

ICPhS 2023, Prague (Czech Republic), 7-11 August 2023
Compensatory breathiness in Canary Islands Spanish – an acoustic studyof vowels in /s/ weakening contexts

30th Manchester Phonology Meeting, 25-27 May 2023
Presentation: Motion capture evidence for containment in Spanish stop lenition (with Peter Krause)

OCP 20, Tours (France), 25-27 January 2023
Poster: Stop lenition in Canary Islands Spanish – a motion capture study (with Peter Krause)

OCP 19, San Sebastian (Spain), 26-28 January 2022 
Presentation:  Is duration a causal factor of lenition? Evidence from Spanish
Poster:  Fed counterfeeding with optional processes in Canary Islands Spanish 
Co-Author: Aleksei Nazarov

PLM 2021, Poznań (Poland), 16 September 2021
Presentation: Phonological contrasts and gradient effects in ongoing lenition
Co-Authors: Marzena Żygis, Adam Sikorski and Jan Wołłejko

PaPE 2021, Barcelona, June 2021
Presentation: Gradient effects and contrast preservation in Spanish lenition
Co-Authors: Marzena Żygis, Adam Sikorski and Jan Wołłejko
Poster: Perception of word-final aspirated /s/ - a cross-dialectal and cross-linguistic study
Co-Author: Jan Wołłejko (first author)

PhonolEEGy, Nice (France), 1-2 October 2020
Presentation:  Suprasegmental features in lexical processing – insights from ERP research

OCP 17 Warsaw! (February 2020)  - host/organiser

SLE, Leipzig (Germany), August 2019, WS 15 Phonological (in)stability and language evolution

Presentation:  The phonological (in)stability of consonants is feature-based 

PaPE, Lecce (Italy), June 2019
Poster: Default and exceptional stress processing in Spanish: an ERP analysis
Co-authors: Volker Dellwo and Martin Meyer

APAP,  Lublin (Poland), June 2019
Presentation:  Unnatural patterns and the learnability of incipient language change 

OCP 16, Verona, 16-18 January 2019
Presentation:  Default and exceptional stress processing in Spanish as a testing ground for generative versus exemplar-based phonology models: evidence from ERPs
Co-authors: Volker Dellwo and Martin Meyer

MAPS Groningen, 9-13 July 2018

Presentation: Stress perception in Spanish – an ERP study 

RFP (16èmes Rencontres du Réseau Français de Phonologie), Paris, 27-29 June 2018
Presentation: Modelling variation in sound change: social setting as a determinant of process application 

26th Manchester Phonology Meeting, 24-26 May 2018
Presentation: Sound change as a function of experimental setting: methodological and theoretical issues 

V Foro de Lingüística Hispánica, Lublin, 11-13 May 2017

Presentation: Un leye y leye por favor: el curioso caso de la <ch> canaria

Old World Conference on Phonology (OCP 14) in Dusseldorf, 20-22  February 2017
Spanish non-continuants at the prosody-phonetics interface

24th Manchester Phonology Meeting, 29-31 May 2016

 Opaque Domain Modelling in OT: Against Stepwise Prosodic Parsing in Harmonic Serialism

NELS 46 (46th annual meeting of the North East Linguistics Society), Montréal
"Stratum junctures and counterfeeding – against the current formulation of cyclicity in Stratal OT"
Phonetics and Phonology in Europe 2015, Cambridge
"Perception of stress and vowel reduction in Spanish: word identification, native speaker bias and the default vowel"
Abstract: Perception of stress and vowel reduction in Spanish_BROS.pdf

Approaches to Phonology and Phonetics (APAP), Lublin
"Further sound change in Spanish – postvocalic voicing in Gran Canaria"
Abstract: Postvocalic voicing in Gran Canaria.pdf

23rd Manchester Phonology Meeting, 27-30 May 2015
"Phonemic overlap in Canarian Spanish – the case of postvocalic voicing"
Abstract: MFM_Canarian_BROS.pdf

IV Foro de Linguística Hispánica: panorama de temas y métodos de investigación, 7-9 May 2015

"Percepción de acento y acortamiento vocálico en español"
Presentation: bros-simposio.pdf

37. DGfS Conference, Leipzig 2015

Workshop: Strong versus weak prosodic positions

"The prosodic word - weak or strong? Evidence from Spanish"
Abstract: Prosodic word_weak or strong.pdf

12th Old World Conference in Phonology, Barcelona

"In search of the default Spanish vowel – evidence from perception"

Abstract: In_search_of_a_default_Spanish_vowel_Bros.pdf

Poster: OCP POSTER.pdf


"Stress pattern and reduction correlations in Spanish"
Abstract: stress and reduction correlations in Spanish.pdf

Poster:  SLE presentation.pdf

Olomouc Linguistics Colloquium 2014

"Polish voice assimilation at the phonetics-phonology interface"
Abstract: K_Bros_Polish voicing assimilation.pdf 

22nd Manchester Phonology Meeting

"Laryngeal conspiracies and the life cycle of phonological processes"
Abstract: K_Bros_Laryngeal Conspiracies.pdf 
Presentation: 22nd MFM PRESENTATION_Laryngeal Conspiracies.pdf

didTRAD 2014

"Students on the computer-based translation market: how to reshape translation studies"
Abstract: DIDTRAD2014_ABSTRACT.pdf 
Presentation: DIDTRAD2014_BROS.pdf 

21st Manchester Phonology Meeting

"Derivationalism in OT - Boon or Bane"

Second Workshop on Sound Change

"Spanish fricative lenition as an example of phonemic shift"