OCP17 has been launched!

Today is the first day of Old-World Conference in Phonology in Warsaw :)

Although I cannot physically participate due to my out-of-the-country maternity leave, my heart is with the other ogranisers and presenters in Warsaw.

I am also very excited to report that we introduced live streaming this year!
Hopefully, others will follow :-)

Today's talk by psycholinguist Christophe Pallier was streamed via our Institute's FB page and will be later uploaded to the StreamGram platform. The link to the talk on speech perception and bilingualism can be found here.

Tomorrow, we will be streaming Gaja Jarosz' talk on Ambiguity via YouTube, linked here.

On Friday, Feb 7, Rene Kager will talk about Layered feet. Follow the streaming channel here.

For slides from these presentations and more information, visit www.streamgram.eu.

For more information on the conference, see www.ocp17.ils.uw.edu.pl.

More exciting news is coming!
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