In the winter semester 2021/2022, I participated in a Matlab programming course for EEG data preprocessing and analysis.

In November 2021, I participated in a three-day workshop in using PsychoPy and for designing research studies, with a focus on advanced features programming and online studies.

In April 2021, I participated in online vTEM workshops organised by the University of Lisboa and encompassing the use of online tools and Open Sesame in designing perception studies.

In February 2019, I joined Python for biologists - a course organised by the Nencki Institute for Experimental Biology, Polish Academy of Sciences.

In January 2019, I attended a workshop on eye-tracking data analysis in R at the SWPS University, Warsaw (lecturer: T. Krejz).

In December 2018 and January 2019, I attended two courses on statistics and data analysis and visualisation in R (intermediate level), organised by Labmasters company.

As a part of my EEG training, I had a chance to participate in the Birmingham ERP Boot Camp with Steve Luck and Emily Kappenman in Birmingham, 17-20 July 2018. There I perfected my knowledge concerning EEG data collection, preprocessing and analysis, which helped me work on my Zurich database.

In July 20018, I attended a very interesting summer school on Multiple approaches to the perception of speech (MAPS) in Groningen. We talked about speech perception and audiological pathologies, looking at EEG, fMRI, TMS, fNIRs, eye-tracking and pupillometry.

In May 2018, I attended a statistical workshop on GAMMs and functional analysis (Analysing Curves, Manchester, 29-13 May 2018).

Also in May 2018, I attended a Python programming class (basics, Thayabaran Kathiresan, Zurich).

In December 2017 I attended a mixed models in R course provided by Sandra Schwab (Zurich University).

In November 2017, I attended the  workshop on Speaker Individuality in Voice: Human and Machine Processing (Zurich, 3 November 2017).

In October 2017 I attended a statistics workshop entitled Statistical standards for scientific discovery in linguistics: a practical introduction (Zurich, 4-6 October 2017).

In the summer of 2016 I had a chance to participate in the Aix Summer School on Prosody - Methods in Prosody and Intonation Research: Data, Theories, Transcription (Aix en Provence, 6-9 September) during which I learned a lot about the experimental methods in prosody research, especially psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic approaches. All this happened in a great scientific centre, with the best of specialists and in the best company (over 150 participants!)

Topics included:
  • Autosegmental-Metrical Theory, described and underdescribed languages
  • ToBI annotation
  • Phonetic modifications of AM categories
  • F0 analysis with Praat
  • Prosody and perception
  • Prosody and meaning
  • Prosody and syntax
  • Articulatory phonetics and prosody
  • L2 prosody
  • Prosody and the brain: sentence comprehension, reference, turn-taking, EEG
  • Prosody and processing, eye-tracking

Another interesting event organised in 2016 was the Stem II Summer Training in Experimental Methods in Lisbon. I participated in Praat basic and advanced workshops during which I learned how to analyse intonation and how to script :)

Other seminars and internships:

  • II Specialist Seminar on the Didactics of Translation organised by the PACTE Group, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (7 July, 2014)
    • Pedagogical bases in translator training (A. Hurtado Albir)
    •  ICTs applied to translator training (P. Rodríguez-Inés)
    •  Assessment in translator training (A. Hurtado Albir & A. Galán-Mañas)
    •  Use of corpora in translator training (P. Rodríguez-Inés)

  • Professional training programme for teaching staff of the University of Warsaw organised as a part of Modern University project (September 2013)