Research project in Zurich

I got a Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship
for a 2017-2018 post-doc position at the University of Zurich!
In September this year I will be going to Zurich for a neurolinguistics research project to be implemented together with Dr Volker Dellwo's Lab, in cooperation with Prof. Martin Meyer.  I will also be able to work with Sandra Schwab and others from UZH, as well as with Narly Golestani from the University of Geneva who was the link between me and Dr Dellwo :-)

As a part of this project, I will be studying Spanish native speakers' responses to deviant stress patterns. The primary goal is to see how sensitive Spanish speakers are to stress and find conclusive evidence for the lexical inhibition hypothesis I put forward based on previous psycholinguistics studies. I assume that changes in stress in native words have a substantial, negative effect on word retrieval from the lexicon.

The study will involve EEG (electroencephalography). ERPs (event-related potentials) will be measured based on explicit and implicit responses to audio stimuli involving both correct and deviant stress patterns.

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The photos were taken from the official website of the NeuroLab at UZH:
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